How to Earn Online: 3 simple websites.

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In this article we’re looking at three free websites where you can use to generate $100 or more per day, so without further delay let’s get started.

The first site we’re gonna look at is

1. Micro Workers

Now Micro worker is a site that offers really quick and easy jobs that you can complete. You make a few bucks a pop at this, they only take a few minutes each, so you can build up income over time. You know they might pay 50 cents or 75 cents but they’re only gonna take a few seconds to complete so bust out one of these every minute and it’s gonna add up quickly.

They have filters that you can look at, so if you want easy money then look at just those related to YouTube so you can just click on this and it’s simply going on in watching a video dropping alike making a comment you’re gonna get paid.

If you go over Facebook and check out the filter this is gonna filter out for just a facebook related task that they have for you and so the same scenario goes on, share a link you can comment on a post and you’re gonna get paid that way as well, so I mean how long do you think that’s gonna take you,  click on Facebook filter you go to their Facebook page or Facebook post that they’re gonna have linked in there you drop a comment you like the post whatever they’re asking you do boom you’re done you come back and you pick another one so again it’s gonna add up rather quickly time to look at site number two and this one is upwards.

2. Freelancer

Now this one you can make it significantly more amount of money quicker if you have a skill set if you don’t have a skill set that’s okay there’s still money to be made here, so when I say skill set if you happen to know anything about web design or writing you can actually charge you know $50,$ 60, $70 hundred dollars an hour for that skill set so basically you’re a freelancer and people are coming here looking for that type of work to be done.

If someone needs an article written for instance they’re going to come here if you click on writing and then you scroll down you’re gonna see freelancers, here that all aren’t famouns writers and they are charging upwards of $100 an hour for that skill.

if you don’t have a skill set like that, that’s okay you can still make good money on here, you can do data entry, basically just taking information and putting it into a database.

You can do customer service so basically if someone has a website and they want somebody available to chat for instance, so you can charge 20 bucks,30 bucks an hour for your time and go on there and handle that service for them

lastly, we’re gonna look at

3. Fiverr

Now if you haven’t heard of Fiverr it’s pretty much, you offer a service on this platform and people come on here and they buy this service.

It’s called fiverr because when it first started everything was about five bucks but now as you can see things are a little bit different now you can earn a decent amount of money here.

What you can do is come on here just get an idea of what sort of gigs they have on here what categories they have now obviously you’re gonna have something that you can do on here you know a lot of these aren’t really like high-skilled crazy gigs or jobs.

You can do something as simple as doing of review like a product review, and if we type in a product review if somebody sends you their website or their product and you simply review it you can charge as much as a hundred and fifty dollars.

Per day they’d be like over $4,000 a month just off this one service you’re providing.

These are the  three free websites you can start working with today to earn income, so go ahead and check these sites out get paid for your skill even if you don’t have a high skill level you can simply get paid to do data entry or to test apps and just a like a post or a video on YouTube or Facebook so check these sites out, let me know what you think in the comments below .

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