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1. As an EVS teacher, the aim behind organising a field trip to zoo should be 

A. To satisfy parents over the quality of education 

B. To provide fun and pleasure to students 

C. To bring a change in the monotony of routine 

D. To provide an active learning experience to students 

2. Which method is useful in introducing new cases?

(A) lecture method

(B) Game Law

(C) Arrival-incorporation method

(D) None of these

3 . Name the concept wherein the State does not interfere in religious affairs.

A. Sovereignty

B. Arbitrary 

C. Secularism 

D. Polity

4 . Which of the following concepts is most closely associated with the Gestalt Theory?

A. Transfer the general learning acquired in one subject  to the learning of a second independent subject

B. Improvement in the physical development of a student has a beneficial effect on his intellectual growth

C. Total learning is the sum of all the learnings acquired in individual subjects

D. Learning is acquired by grasping the meaning of a problem in the context of the total situation

5 . Write the given number in different forms: –         (0.0001)

(A) 1/1000

(B) 1/10000

(C) 1/100

(D) None of these

6 . If a student of class V writes Mohan 5 + 4 = 20, we can say that he should: –

(A) No knowledge of Mathematics.

(B) There is no knowledge of addition.

(C) No knowledge of writing.

(D) No knowledge of reading.

7 . ‘m’ and ‘n’ are two positive integers, if mn = 36, what will be the value of ‘ n m’ ?

(A) 25

(B) 36

(C) 64

(D) 121

8 . On which amount the interest of 8 moss is Rs. 37.50 at the rate of 6.25% per annum. Will be done ?

(A) Rs 800

(B) Rs 900

(C) Rs 850

(D) Rs. 950

9. The area of ​​a circle is 314 square cm. Is If the value of π is 3.14, what will be the diameter of the circle?

(A) 100 cm

(B) 50 cm

(C) 20 cm

(D) 10 cm.

10 . Each angle of an equilateral triangle is

(A) 60⁰

(B) 45⁰

(C) 90⁰

(D) 180⁰


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