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7 Ways to Earn Online

One of the most requested topics would get from the people is

Show me the websites where I can make money online, as some of you know there are many sites that aren’t trustworthy and never pay out, So in this Article, I will show you the legitimate sites. Some of these are great for generating a full or part-time income the others I’ll mention might come in handy if you’re just looking for some extra cash.

Let’s get started first up is

  1. Shopify

If you have products or services you’d like to sell then the site provides you an economical solution to build your own storefront on the web without the need to hire additional staff, you’ll start out by creating a business name and logo along with buying a domain that suits your business.

When you’re building your online store no coding experience is needed, it includes a ton of features including more than 70 themes to choose, It makes it easy to set up. While they offer about 10 themes which are free most do cost usually around $160 to $180 dollars which is still quite a bit less than the cost of hiring a professional web designer.

After your online store is set up you’ll be able to accept just about every major form of payment and start making money. If you’d like to try Shopify for free they offer a 14-day free trial if you just starting out building your business I’d recommend starting out with the $29 or $79 per month plans.


Avada is an App for both Android and iOS that pays you cash back for purchases made in a store and when you shop online, the overall review score of these App is great for both the Android and iOS.

You won’t get rich using it but at least you can earn some extra cash back on the products you already buy. Before you shop at one of the 280 participating stores, you’ll first need to add the offers within the app when you’re done shopping you’ll need to take a photo of your receipt and within 48 hours your cashback will show up in your wallet account.

Before you can cash out you must have earned at least $20 with wallet, you’ll have the choice of transferring your money to PayPal or venom. If you prefer you can choose to convert your funds into a gift card instead.


Swagbucks is a popular rewards website that lets you redeem points for cash or gift cards rewards. They give you several ways to earn points shopping online at more than 1500 retailers including Starbucks, Amazon, Target, and Walmart by giving your opinions, filling out surveys, watching video playlists, checking out offers and deals from major brands, searching the web using the Yahoo-powered search engine. If you’re not a fan of Yahoo I’d avoid doing that one. You can earn points by playing games and making in-game purchases


Ghazal is a great site for selling old smartphones or other devices that you’re no longer using the site is easy to use click on sell, select your device click on get an offer. Ghazal will pay for the shipping and your payment options are PayPal check or Amazon gift card.

Ghazal is my first choice for selling old electronics but if you need an alternative check out swapax in addition to phones and laptops you can sell your old videogames, watches, and cameras to earn some extra cash.


People keep telling me that YouTube is a great site to earn money. I’ll have to check it out sometime in all seriousness many youtube partners do earn a good living by creating videos for YouTube.

To get paid for the videos you uploaded, you must be part of the YouTube Partner Program once you meet the minimum eligibility requirements to join, your channel will get reviewed to see, if it follows all the guidelines listed including having more than one thousand subscribers and more than four thousand public watch hours in the last 12 month.


Shutterstock is one of the most popular websites for stock photos.

If you have photography skills you can make money by selling your images. To get your photos accepted by Shutterstock they must be high-quality, once your images are uploaded and available on Shutterstock.  The site could be a great source for passive income because you’ll earn money every time somebody downloads your image.

Other places where you can sell your photos include Adobe stock and the site’s owned by Getty which include Getty Images and Istock if you’re a skilled videographer I’d recommend selling your stock footage on some of these leading sites including videohive which is part of the Envato market, Pond5 which reportedly has the world’s largest collection of stock footage .


Transcribing is an interesting site that will pay you to transcribe audio files with no prior transcription experience needed all that’s required is that you pass a short test and have a computer with a dependable internet connection, they claim to pay between $15 to $33 dollars per audio hour.

You can withdraw your funds at any time as long as you’ve earned at least one dollar it won’t replace a full-time job but may come in handy if you’re looking for supplemental income.

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